Use alternative COPY/MOVE solution for Windows & start moving files, movies & music faster!!

Have you tried moving large files, e.g. lets say moving 5-6GB of movies from your laptop to your external hard drive??
I bet you have.

Have you noticed how ssllloowww (slow) Windows gets during this copy/move process?
I bet you surely have and its not pretty!!


I wont dwell on why this happens, because its technical & not so interesting for the average user.

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Windows: Using CMD “NET USE” to access Network Share with Authentication

This post describes the usage of the command prompt (CMD) utility “NET USE” along with added authentication.

This is very handy, especially for those who are command prompt savvy or just someone who would like to create simple batch file to run some daily/weekly chores.

I personally use this along with FASTCOPY in a batch file to move daily database backups to a NAS which is not part of the domain.

N.B: FASTCOPY is an independent copy utility which does not use the OS resources. Click here to read more about this utility and how you can apply it to a batch file.

The command to use is

NET USE \\SERVERNAME or IP  /user:<domain name>\<username>  <password>

Now apply this a batch file and see it work its magic.

If you want to see an example of where NET USE can be handy, click here.

Blog: Cisco’s Click to Call – no “Call” solution for Ms (Office) Excel 2003 & 2007..

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Cisco Click to Call – no “Call” option solution for Ms (Office) Excel 2003 & 2007


Cisco’s Click to Call software…. makes dialing those numbers just a click of a button… love it !!

I have recently faced a situation wherein couple of users told me that “suddenly” (a common word for us administrators to hear) their beloved “Call” option was missing when they right-clicked on the Excel cells, even though Click to Call was loaded.

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The new Indian Rupee symbol looks really cool now that we see it being used in the media.

Creamy Spicy Prawn & Mushroom Spinach Soup

This one’s a wild soup !!

There is nothing like a bowl of creamy soup and some crusty garlic bread for a satisfying meal at night.

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Share your USB Mac OS X printer with Windows User

I thought I would never be writing an article on Mac OS X. But I guess it was destined.

And considering how complex it is to integrate your marketing departments Mac OS X into an Ms Windows environment, I thought I should share my experience too.

Ok, so you have a USB Printer hooked up to your Mac and working fine, and now you want to share it with other Windows Users.

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Use Systeminfo to find our your system uptime, install date, etc.

Are you the proud owner of a system that hardly needs a reboot Or as a System administrator, do you want to know how long your Servers / client machines have been ON?

Do you want to know the date you installed your Operating System on your machine ?

You can use the simple command line tool Systeminfo to find most of your answers.

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Display Banner before Windows Starts up

This is a great feature which is unfortunately hidden.

This will enable a banner (a pop-up window) with your message in it, each time your Windows boots up.

You can use this to display banner with some cool “show off message” or if you are an IT Administrator you can use this to remind the users with a simple “Laptop Policy”.

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